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Batman Becomes an Actual Dark Knight – Batman # 39

As we get closer and closer to the Batman-Catwoman wedding, we hit a snag but more of that later. Batman # 39, this week’s issue of Batman, also gets to show readers Batman becoming an actual dark knight.

In this issue by Tom King and Joelle Jones, Batman and Wonder Woman gets summoned to takeover a guard duty job for a man they met during their adventures called the Gentle Man.

Turns out they promised they would help him by taking over his duty for a day and swap places with him for a little R&R.

Batman gears up and shows his look to Selina Kyle aka Catwoman, his fiancee.

Wonder Woman also gets in on the teasing…

But the moment they assume the Gentle Man’s role as protector, she takes back her teasing and lets Batman know how glorious he looks as a Dark Knight.

But that’s not where things get really tricky.

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