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Reputation Management: 4 Common Mistakes Made By Reputation Managers

Reputation management is one of the most important aspects associated with any brand, irrespective of whether they are operating online or offline. The reputation of a particular brand will be responsible for breaking or making the brand. Most of the brands prefer hiring reputation management companies to take care of the reputation of their company. However, it is important to understand that even reputation management companies can make certain mistakes. It can take years to build a reputation but only five minutes to ruin it, as stated by https://www.forbes.com.


Given below is a list of the common mistakes that most of the reputation managers can make and need to stop immediately.

Paying writers for positive reviews

Working with reputation management companies can seem tempting. However, most of the reputation managers are responsible for creating different social media accounts and post several fake positive reviews in different places. Irrespective of how this is being done, it is important to understand that when you are paying for reviews, it is going to hurt the reputation of your company, especially when it is showing up on the search results of Google. The reason behind this is that Google is responsible for punishing those websites, which keep posting fake reviews. They are going to push the website down and this can lead to huge damage to online reputation.

Encouraging trolls 

Trolls have become one of the important parts of the Internet world. They are responsible for constantly posting defaming and harmful comments so that they can get reactions from other people. If you are coming across comments and reviews that can be damaging, ensure that you are not getting into any fight. Most of the companies have ruined their reputations because they have been fighting with trolls. The reason behind this is that this is something that will make the company look extremely unprofessional and will turn other people away.

Instead, you should acknowledge the negative comment as important feedback and encourage that particular poster to have a direct conversation with you through a private channel. This will help in providing a professional look to your brand.


Astroturfing means creating several accounts on numerous sites, which can be used for creating positive reviews, lashing out against negative reviews, and posting several advertising contents. This is almost similar to paid reviews and can harm the online reputation. This particular method is responsible for defeating the purpose associated with reviews. They are not capable of revealing the exact state of your business. This is why it is suggested that you avoid this tactic, as much as possible. It is important that you only consider hiring the professionals of ORM NYC.


All the brands understand that lying is not only wrong but it is also unethical. Irrespective of this, many brands keep lying about the services and products that they are selling. The reason behind this is that they are only looking for huge sales. You need to make sure that you are not lying about anything and remain open and transparent. This will make sure that you are holding up your reputation.


When you are hiring a reputation management company, ensure that you are discussing with a reputation manager. Ask him to take care of everything thing that has been mentioned so that the reputation of your company is not at stake.

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