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Scrapped Grayson Design focuses more on Nightwing Throwback

DC Comics fans had a short but great time after Forever Evil when they got the Grayson title which turned Dick Grayson aka Nightwing into a superspy working for Batman minus the mask and we recently got a look at an unused designs from writer Tom King.

In a recent tweet, King shared an unused design that had a strong Nightwing vibe to it.

You can see the big difference between the final look for the character and the proposed version. The final look had black and gray and blue lininings for the Spyral secret agent. The unused Grayson Design has a more black and blue tone, very much like Dick Grayson’s Nightwing colors before the New 52.

It’s a very subtle change but fans pick on these sort of things especially the belt buckle (I wonder why).

Grayson was written by Tim Seeley and Tom King with art by Mikel Janin and was published September 2014. It followed the events of Forever Evil where Grayson’s public identity was revealed by the Crime Syndicate and was forced to “die” in public. The book had a total of 20 issues which ended July 2016.


The character had appeared in a number of Batman related stories including Robin War where he joins his brothers in a quest to save Batman and cement the legacy of Robin…

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