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New Screenshots for Aerith from Final Fantasy VII Remake

The official Final Fantasy VII Remake Twitter page has shared four new Screenshots for Aerith in combat.

Aerith will be a playable character for the first half of the PlayStation 4 exclusive title from Square Enix.

Shes still using her staff and would still be a heavy magic using character just like Cait Sith. Although players can still max out her STR or physical strength.

If you haven’t played the original Final Fantasy VII for the first Playstation, you’ll have to realize that the character would eventually perish as part of the story, dying at the hands of the main villain Sephiroth.

She has appeared in a number of spinoff games as well as in Advent Children together with her “love interest” Zack Fair, the original source of Cloud Strife’s power.

Final Fantasy VII remake is set for release March 2020 for the PlayStation 4.

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