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Thor and Hulk gets referenced along with Superman in Doomsday Clock # 12 (Spoilers)

So there’s a lot of things that needs to be posted with the release of Doomsday Clock # 12 which was written by Geoff Johns and drawn by Gary Frank. And for this one, we talk about Thor and Hulk gets referenced along with Superman in an important panel from the twelfth issue of the maxiseries.

So if you havent read or is not familiar with Doomsday Clock, its a maxiseries which finally pieces together the mystery of the New 52. That means why was there a new 52 reboot, why the decades old character suddenly looked young again, why get new costumes and new backstory and why its just five to ten years since the first metahuman appeared. One of the more confusing plot points that New 52 generated was Batman and how he managed to take on four different Robins in the span of five years. Or how the Green Lantern story “Blackest Night” made sense considering there were some missing characters and some deaths have never happened.

So ok, there’s a lot of things that happens in this final issue but we need to focus on one specific page which you can see below:

And while you gotta love the big superhero page on top, the real money shot for this topic has to be that panel at the bottom. Here’s a cropped version of the page…

This Secret Crisis is already a call back to both Marvel and DC Comics too. The term “Secret” has been used by Marvel for a lot of their big stories namely “Secret Wars” and “Secret War” while DC loves “Crisis” i.e. “Crisis on Infinite Earths”, “Infinite Crisis”, “Final Crisis” and to some exten “Heroes in Crisis”.

Superman and the Justice League crossing over isn’t new as well as its already happened years ago via JLA/Avengers…

You can read the oral history of this classic crossover HERE.

And if your wondering how DC Comics got to mention Thor directly while just subtly referring to Hulk, you have to understand that Thor is a public domain figure. Asgard, Odin and everybody in Thor’s mythos can be used by other entities aside from Marvel. It just so happens that Marvel made those popular, but they never owned the rights to that.

In a Decade?

What’s exciting to think about is the date of this story, this Secret Crisis. It’s set in 2030 exactly TEN YEARS from now. Did DC really plant the seed for another crossover with the Marvel Universe?

And why they had the most obvious, there are dozens of other modern references too.

What do you guys think? Leave a comment below and let’s talk about it.


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