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Big changes in Ultimate Black Panther # 1 including the relationship between T’Challa and Okoye (Ultimate Black Panther # 1 Spoilers)

There’s a lot of big changes for the status quo for Wakanda and its denizens in Ultimate Black Panther # 1 by Bryan Hill and Stefano Casselli.

Before we proceed, SPOILER ALERT

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In this new Ultimate Universe, they’ve taken some modern stuff and integrated it into the lore of the existing story in this case, the whole story sees a mysterious private army attacking villages and killing people while Wakanda refuses to take action. The first big surprise? Current Black Panther T’Challa who also happens to be the king, is actually married to Okoye.

And it looks like they have this good partnership going on with Okoye actually serving also as the High Mentor to the Dora Milaje. Of course in the 616 universe, the two aren’t an item yet and while Black Panther is currently deposed once again from Wakanda, by the time the stick it back to the original status quo, he could be single.

In this version of the Ultimate U, Queen Ramonda is nowhere to be found although former Wakandan King, King T’Chaka is here alive and well.

Shuri is also the woman-at-arms in T’Challa’s counsel

So that means she’s directly in control of the Dora Milaje in this new reality.

Later in the issue, we see the mystery army attacking more villages with their superior tech with no clear reason. They are however stopped this time by the Ultimate Erik Killmonger and a woman called “Wind Rider” which may or may not be Storm.

Finally, in the closing pages of issue 1, some suicide bombers attack Black Panther but inadvertently kills T’Chakka instead. It’s during this time that Black Panther figures out has been waging war against them and that was the forces of Ra and Khonsu called “Moon Knight”

So this book is already setting up a fight between the new Ultimate Moon Knight and the Ultimate Black Panther which could also setup a fight between Bast and the combined forces of Ra and Khonsou.

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