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Somebody “Died” Again in Civil War # 5 (Seriously Marvel)

Story time again and today we’re doing Civil War # 5 spoilers featuring the “death” of another classic Marvel character. Book was written by Brian Michael Bendis with art by David Marquez.


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So in this issue, we just continue with the big hero vs hero fight between Team Iron Man and Team Cap (Marvel)…


Just like the airport scene its really a small skirmish compared to that big fight in Civil War # 7 where both heroes and villains were ‘ported out of the Negative Zone. Anyway.

There’s a ton of supposedly “cool” moments written in which isn’t but then its drawn beautifully by David Marquez, so its back to being cool again.

For the entire issue, its just a massive quipping between one hero to another. The three things that drives the story forward is (a) the Inhumans join the fight (b) somebody assails the Inhuman precog Ullysses which causes him and the superheroes to see one of those visions.


Ulysses shares his visions to the fighting heroes


So those white tentacles aren’t really an easter egg for a hentai series but rather a visual clue that they are all being connected to a new vision. And it’s once again playing on shock value.


Spider-Man Miles Morales kills Captain America Steve Rogers

Spider-Man Miles Morales kills Captain America Steve Rogers

Seriously not this shit again. Not Steve Rogers dying again during a Civil War event. We’ve already seen that happen and it was a good run. But no, we DO NOT want a rehash of this Bendis.

Anyway, the issue ends with the heroes dropping what their doing and Ms. Marvel (the new one) Kamala Khan runs to Miles Morales, who is visibly shocked with what he just saw. I mean I was visibly shocked but mostly at how low quality this series is going.



Take note people, Steve Rogers isn’t dead (yet) he’s just in the background of this mess and just as speechless.

It had so much potential, had a great art team. Had they gone and changed direction and title, I would have bitten into the pandering… Still support comics. Get Civil War II # 5 from your favorite LCS. Here on fanboy, we support Comic Odyssey!

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