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Gwenpool is a Mutant – Gwenpool Strikes Back # 5

Major spoilers from Gwenpool Strikes Back # 5 by Leah Williams and David Baldeon from Marvel Comics as its revealed that Gwenpool is a mutant, well kinda. This issue explores that and saves the character from being totally erased.

So in this issue, we find out that Gwenpool is doing all sorts of assholery with various characters from the Marvel Universe including the Avengers. Her last “fight” was with Miss Marvel aka Kamala Khan who she persuades to fight her.



After a long talk with Kamala, who makes her realize that she could be a mutant, Gwenpool crowns Miss Marvel as the winner of this weird little competition she created using her fourth-wall-breaking powers. She teleports Kamala to their proper dimension and just as when she’s about to accept her fate, a Krakoa gate suddenly appears.

She finds herself in Krakoa and even gets welcomed by Wolverine…



… as well as her ex-boyfriend Quintin Quire.

And with the last of her existing powers, and with her retcon as a mutant in full effect, she seals the deal and makes her existence in the comic books with this Dawn of X / House of X / Powers of X page.

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