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Resident Evil 3 Remake is Coming and here are leaked art to prove it

Capcom has been swimming in money after the massive positive reception to Resident Evil 2 remake so it would make sense that they would do a follow-up to that with another hit RE game; and apparently we dont have to wait so long for a Resident Evil 3 remake  (take that Final Fantasy VII) as there’s already visual confirmation that the game is coming.

There were three images in total that was leaked, This included the North American release title Resident Evil 3 and the Japanese release title Biohazard 3. You can check out those three leaked images for the Resident Evil 3 remake in the gallery below.

The short version of how these images got leaked according to reports is that they were uploaded into the Playstation Network catalog possibly by mistake.


There’s a lot of nice things that were changed from the Playstation version to the possible Playstation 4 or even Playstation 5 version of the survival horror title. For one, we’re getting a reworked look for the game’s protagonist Jill Valentine. There was even an additional close up of the remake Jill posted online. And she looks lovely!

Her partner for this adventure Carlos Oliviera also gets a bit of update as we see him looking more scruffy looking and with better hair. Lastly, it was a good call not changing anything with Nemesis. In fact, the only thing we really need is a photo of him with his rocket launcher and were totally good.

What do you guys think of the leaked Resident Evil 4 remake covers? Are you excited for this too? Leave a comment below or hit me on on Twitter at @thefanboyseo!


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