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Seiko 5 Sports Street Fighter V Collection Coming to the Philippines

Heads up fighting game and Street Fighter fans! Seiko has just announced the imminent arrival of the Seiko 5 Sports Street Fighter V collection.


Here’s what Seiko wrote on their official page:

Seiko 5 Sports has been offering a wide variety of durable and reliable mechanical watches for watch lovers of every age for over half a century now. Today sees the release of six new Seiko 5 Sports creations inspired from the Street Fighter V, latest edition of the world-famous Player VS Player fighting game, Street Fighter. Each creation is inspired by the game’s central characters: Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Guille, Zangief, and Blanka. This series will be available worldwide as limited editions of 9,999 pieces each.

Product details: https://www.seikowatches.com/ph-en/news/20200819-82569983998

For inquiries, kindly send us a message.

This collection will feature classic Street Fighter characters’ themes transformed into watches. We have…







At this point though we’re still missing a number of characters from the original Street Fighter II lineup namely:

  • Balrog
  • M. Bison
  • Vega
  • Dhalsim
  • E. Honda

I don’t even think that they will be making those but let’s keep our fingers crossed. The original post on Facebook did not mention a price so I’d like to warrant a guess that this could go for around P10,000 and above. Anything lower and you can bet that these watches would sell off the rack immediately.

The Seiko 5 Sports Street Fighter V Collection are really cool and I hope Seiko decides to do more of these pop-culture and game culture mashups with their products. Wouldn’t mind getting the Ken watch too because I’m a sucker for red-and-black themed merch and accessories. In the meantime, you could still get Street Fighter V for the Playstation 4 and PC via Steam.

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