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Wolverine’s Daughter Rien Sends Logan to Hell (Marvel Comics Presents # 8)

In the preview pages for the upcoming Marvel Comics Presents #8 , we find Wolverine’s daughter Rien having difficulty sending her father to hell as a means of beating the story’s main villain, a demon called Truth.

Wolverine is hell bound to help out his daughter despite only finding out about her within the span of the story.

The feral mutant looks like a weak runt when you see him in the opening oage, an effect of the fight with Truth.

And just like any dad, he knows how to push his daughter’s buttons, appealing to her heart.

Interesting too is the fact that she’s the only daughter of Wolverine who considers herself a witch.

That in itself is a pretty cool aspect. I can already see Marvel slowly integrating Rein in other magic or mystical stories in the future. They do need a proper origin story for that to happen.

(W) Charles Soule, Sacks, Ethan, Emily Lerner (A) Paulo Siqueira, More (CA) Arthur Adams
The journey through Marvel history reaches the current decade as Wolverine’s vigil takes a dark turn! Spider-Woman battles with disinformation on social media! And an all-new story featuring Korea’s own super hero, White Fox!
Rated T+
In Shops: Aug 21, 2019
SRP: $4.99

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