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The Fate of Cypher in Powers of X # 2

There’s something creepy and grim thats been revealed in the pages of Powers of X # 2 by Jonathan Hickman and RB Silva. Its the final fate of Cypher aka Doug Ramsey of the New Mutants.

In House of X # 1, the language specialist was briefly seen working together with Sage in Krakoa. Its also been revealed in the page that he and Krakoa have developed a special language which makes it easier to do a lot of things including transportation and communication.

Then in Powers of X # 1, we see the X-Men in the future getting into so much trouble thanks to the Humans and the Machines led by Nimrod the Lesser.

In Powers of X # 2, we get to learn more about this new team in the future including this weird tree creature.

So it appears that this Krakoa is actually a fusion between him and Cypher. His line about the mutant being long gone could eerily refer to the fact that Doug’s already dead and probably inside him.

And Xorn is adorable.

And because he’s got residue powers of Doug, Krakoa easily decrypts the information Rasputin and Cardinal stole from Nimrod.

Still cool and all but I want to dwell on the fact that Krakoa is running around with a dead Cypher inside him.

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