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Mysterio Tricks Wolverine into Murdering the X-Men (Old Man Logan Spoilers)

Spider-Man: Far From Home will be introducing a new villain for Peter Parker/ Spider-Man in the form of Mysterio played by Jake Gylenhaal. The dude has done a lot of nefarious things and in the course of the week, we’ll be showing you fanboys and fangirls just how cool this bad guy is starting with the most recent bad-ass thing he’s done. Mysterio tricks Wolverine into murdering the X-Men.

This happened in Mark Millar and Steve McNiven’s epic Old Man Logan story which happened in the pages of the Wolverine solo book a few years ago. There is a lot of back story to be taken in for this story but for the sake of sticking to the main topic, we skip directly to the part where Logan opens up about what happened to him; how he became a pacifist and why he has sworn off violence despite being the most violent hero in the Marvel Universe.

In this bit in Old Man Logan, Old Man Hawkeye finally convinces Wolverine to tell him the story of why he abandoned being a hero and adopted a life of a pacifist. It took the two a little while for this to happen, going on several adventures along the way.

The mansion is attacked by a bunch of villains informing Logan that this attack is the “Big One”, or the superhero equivalent of high level threats converging at the heroes all at the same time.



Wolverine didn’t notice it but he should have. Stryfe was sounding different from what he usually sounded. I mean, the dude has fought off Cable’s evil clone a number of times already right?

Logan makes quick work of the invaders, some even getting their heads removed. It’s a bloody moment for Wolverine and it should make him proud. Or should it?

The scene above reminds me of that hallway scene in X-2.



Thanks a lot Quintin!

So there you go, the story of how Mysterio Tricks Wolverine into Murdering the X-Men. Just like in Far From Home, we see just how deadly Mysterio could be given the right tools, prep time and sheer luck. This was a critical win for the villains as they managed to have the X-Men taken down so easily and with only a few bad guys to actually attack.

If Wolverine hadn’t fallen for the tricks, the fall of the world at the hands of the supervillains may have taken a drastic turn. But, alas.

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