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First Look at Helena Wayne in Tom King’s Batman/Catwoman series

DC Comics recently released a new promotional image for the Helena Wayne aka Huntress who is set to appear in the ongoing Batman/Catwoman book by Tom King.

The reveal was done today via Tom King’s Twitter post…

Batman/Catwoman artist Clay Mann also shared the process of doing the cover where Helena Wayne appears in…

Speaking of covers, fans have been given the heads up that Helena Wayne could appear in Batman/Catwoman # 4 which could worth something if you’re the speculating kind.

Check out the cover for Batman/Catwoman # 4 featuring Helena Wayne below.

helena wayne batman catwoman 4

Helena Wayne cover for Batman/Catwoman # 4

In the comics Helena first appeared in Earth-2 and her comics debut was in Super Stars # 17 back in 1977. Apparently both the new incarnation and the original one share a lot of similarities with both being the daughter of Selina Kyle aka Catwoman and Bruce Wayne aka BBatman. She later assumed the role of a masked vigilante to help her mother who was being blackmailed into becoming a criminal once more. Tragically, her mother was killed but her father raised her to become a better heroine in the form of Huntress. She was erased from continuity much like Earth-2 during Crisis on Infinite Earths and a new character, Helena Bertinelli, took the name Huntress well until the New 52 reboot.

No word yet on the release date of Batman/Catwoman # 4 but its most likely hitting stores February or March. What do you think of this recent development? Leave a comment and follow me on Twitter at @thefanboyseo!

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