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Marauders # 7 review

Here’s a quick review for Marauders # 7 by Gerry Duggan and Stefano Casselli

Before we proceed, spoiler alert

  • I love how Callisto and Storm interact here. Remember these two were once bitter enemies because of their involvement with the Morlocks but now with Krakoa, theyve matured well beyond that.
  • Masque and Kade Killgore are boring enemies to be honest. Masque is planning something while Killgore is knee deep on his. Either way, it’s boring me.
  • Bishop going on a one-man army killing spree is interesting because it will directly affect his and Kitty Pryde’s life when word gets out.
  • Strongly liked the fact that they stuck to their guns and not even show Kate at any point in the book.
  • Sebastian Shaw and Emma Frost are also throwing shade at each other and the Quiet Council are there to bear witness. Contrary to Sinister’s reaction, I thought this was highly entertaining and not boring at all.
  • The ending for Marauders # 7 seemingly hints at the death of Lockheed but that could be a red herring.
  • Having to see Jumbo Carnation bring up Callisto’s days as a model before getting her dressed is a nice touch of continuity. It’s also hard not to like the former queen of the Morlocks when she’s interacting with characters like Emma Frost.
  • It’s still painful to read the book with so many plot points to follow. Like everybody needs to be shown and it’s not even everybody from the team. Iceman is hooking up with Christian Frost and we never see him again. Or what happened to Pyro?

Marauders # 7 verdict


Not really the best but it consistently delivers interesting character beats while shambling along with the plot.

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