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Home Credit makes it easy to pay and win

The company, Home Credit, makes payment real-time and launches new promo, too!

Try to describe Home Credit in one word and one of the first things that will probably come to mind is “easy.” You can see this stamped all over the brand. The company makes it easy for customers to afford things through loans that require only two valid IDs. Even their processing is as effortless as it can get with application results coming back in less than a minute. Customers can even just “tap the app” to see their loan details and even avail exclusive offers through the Home Credit mobile app.

Now, Home Credit has also made its payment easy and fast with instant posting! Customers who pay through ECPay channels like 7-Eleven, H Lhuiller, TrueMoney, and Puregold will have their payments posted real time instead of having to wait two days (at most) for it to be credited to their account. ECPay is an all-in-one payment platform that manages a variety of services like bill payments and cash-ins. A confirmation message about the successful payment will also be sent through SMS in a matter of minutes—sometimes even seconds!—to confirm the transaction. The same notification will also be sent to the MyHomeCredit Mobile app.

This real-time change is something that definitely enhances the experience of the customer.  “We want them to feel like we’re there with them in every step. When you get something like an instant notification like this, you personalize the experience more. It also gives our customers peace of mind knowing that their payment has already been posted,” says Franchette Cardona, Chief Marketing and Product Officer of HCPH.

This is just the first step for Home Credit though. Soon enough, the company will make payment posting to their other partners real-time as well.

Pay some, win some

That’s not the end of it though. To encourage its customers to pay through ECPay-powered channels, Home Credit is also throwing in a raffle that will see a total of 42 winners from June 1 August 31. The Easy to Pay, Easy to Win Part 2 raffle is open to all customers who will make their payment transactions through ECPay by giving them one electronic raffle entry for every payment. Each month, 14 winners will get a chance to win P2,000 worth of 7-Eleven certificates, a Vivo Y91 phone, and an ASUS laptop.

“We’ve grown a lot since we started. We have more than 5 million customers now which we owe a lot to all these updates and improvements we’ve been doing. For us, it’s always about trying to add value to the experience we give. At the end of the day, we don’t want our customers to just know us as Home Credit.  We want to be remembered as the brand that gave them a memorable customer experience,” closes Cardona.

You can also connect to them through Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/homecreditph/)or call them at (02) 753  5711 (Open from Monday to Sunday, 8AM to 9PM)

(DTI FETB Permit No. 8570 Series or 2019).


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