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Bray Waytt vs Finn Balor Looming in the Horizon

This week’s episode of Raw saw Finn Balor getting attacked by the returning Bray Wyatt and we have some things to say about that.

Balor was in a celebratory mood when the lights go off and music plays to reveal Bray Wyatt in his Fiend persona. Not only did he appear from nowhere, he also hits the former Intercontinental Champion with a Sister Abigail.

In the heart of it all, this was a great way of introducing a feud. Both superstars have their own gimmick of having a devilish alter ego. The difference is Wyatt’s is newfound while Balor’s is semi-retired.

That’s right, Balor has not yet done a match with his demon persona for quite sometime now. And after his Extreme Rules 2019 match against Shinsuke Nakamura, signs were pointing to having the demon go against the King of Strong Style in Summer Slam. But hey, thank goodness we have a same level of quality feud brewing.

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