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A Classic X-Men Villain Returns to Challenge the X-Men and Goes Giant to do so

Another classic X-Men villain makes an appearance in a recent segment of this week’ Uncanny X-Men # 18.

Spoiler alert in case you haven’t read the issue.

So the X-Men’s numbers are slowly being reduced with Wolfsbane getting killed in a hate crime. Wolverine has left the team following an argument with Cyclops and Chamber was killed by the Marauders in this same issue. When the team retreats and returns to Harry’s they are surprised to learn that it was burnt down.

Outside they face the mastermind. None other than Nathaniel Essex aka Mister Sinister.

The X-Men attack but are quickly outnumbered by Sinister’s clones. To make matters worse, the clones assimilate to create one giant version of himself.

It took Havok’s physical appearance to stop Sinister but he does aurrender. Kinda weird how this went down. Wither Matthew Rosenberg is slowly losing steam in writing the book or its just there to reintroduce Sinister to new readers.

Either way, this part of Uncanny X-Men # 18 felt rushed and out of place.

What do you guys think? Leave a comment and let’s discuss.

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