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Synch and his powers has evolved – X-Men # 18

Spoilers for X-Men # 18 by Jonathan Hickman and Mahmud Asrar. It looks like one of the X-Men sent to follow the Children of the Vault has evolved and we’re talking about Generation X member Synch.

Spoiler alert for X-Men# 18!!!

X-men 18 cover

In this issue we follow the adventures of Darwin, Synch and Wolverine aka Laura Kinney aka Wolverine inside the mysterious Vault. The mutants of Krakoa deemed it necessary to learn more about these beings as they have already crossed paths with the X-Men a number of times in the past. Now though they have a choice of mutants to send in behalf of the Quiet Council. So they send out the three based on their survival ability.

Now among the three, Synch has shown a lot of promise in terms of evolution. Synch was a mutant with the power to imitate the mutant powers within his range. So if he had a mutant with healing powers with him, he can get those healing powers too.

He died back in Generation X after getting caught in a bomb blast. And he was one of the first few mutants that have been revived when Krakoa was established and according to Beast, he seems to be evolving.

Now it seems that he can absorb powers that aren’t even mutant in the case of their fight with the Children of the Vault.

X-men 18

So when they ambushed the three X-Men it looked like they had chance of actually killing the three heroes.

Laura was able to kill two of their attackers before Synch was severely burned. Laura homes in on the save letting Sych get her powers and taking out their attackers.

X-men 18

X-men 18

Synch’s evolved powers lets him take other beings’ powers and even amplify them. In this case burning his enemies to a crisp. Too bad the issue ends with the destruction of the City with the fate of the three unclear.

Still this is a massive improvement for the mutants and a sign that nature is still making them evolve. Who knows maybe we could get more secondary mutations in other inhabitants in another X-Men book.

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