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Uncanny X-Men # 18 Spoilers – More Deaths and Mysteries

Welcome to this weeks Uncanny Spoilers! Here are the Uncanny X-Men # 18 spoilers from Matthew Rosenberg and Carlos Villa.

After the shocking events last issue, Wolverine finally decides to leave the X-Men. He says goodbye to Magik and tells her that he didn’t sign up for the kind of actions Cyclops has been doing.

The team’s next action deals with the Marauders who were trying to get by under the radar.

This was of course set up by Chamber who still wants vengeance from the decimation and massacre of the morlocks after the disappearance of the X-Men.

Chamber murders the Marauders

This ofcourse doesn’t sit well with Cyclops who never signed up for murdering mutants that have surrendered already.

Scalphunter survives the initial attack and stabs Chamber while he was arguing with Cyclops.

And while Hope Summers kills Scalphunter off, the damage has been done on Chamber. And its revealed that he is slowly dying.

They leave the area via Magik with the hopes of saving Chamber’s life…

Also, they just leave the Marauders in their burning state.

When they teleport back into Harry’s Hideaway, they are surprised to see it burning.

Funny that they call the Madrox and Warlock hybrid “Warlox”.

We find out that Kwannon has disappeared and that Chamber has died from his injuries.

We then see who is responsible for the burning of their little hideout and its none other than Mister Sinister.

Sinister isn’t alone as he also brings his legion of clones to take care of the X-Men. And in true Power Rangers fashion, all the Sinister clones form and become a massive version of himself.

Havok maximizes his powers to blast away Sinister which leaves him in a weird physical state.

The team makes a quick retreat and they go to Manhattan where they get to stay in Karma’s new place built for them.

Alex and Cyclops ends the issue discussing about what they need to do with Emma Frost.

Meanwhile, Emma Frost is planning her next move with her co-conspirator, Mystique.

This book suddenly became comics’ own version of Game of Thrones.

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