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Uncanny X-Men # 17 – How Wolfsbane Died

We finally get the full story of how Wolfsbane died in the pages of Uncanny X-Men # 17 and its really, really sad.

OK, so last issue, just as the X-Men were about to take on Kwannon (who also just murdered Joseph posing as Magneto), Dani Moonstar aka Mirage felt this pain as she states that “Rahne is dead”. Go check out the my post on Uncanny X-Men # 16 spoilers.

In this issue, as the rest of the team prepare for Rahne’s funeral, Logan and Kwannon team-up to get some payback from Rahne’s murderers. Havok tries to join them on their quest but he gets left behind because Wolverine doesn’t want Alex Summers’ hands dirty over his revenge.

Kwannon managed to track down the people responsible for Wolfsbane’s death and she wants to get some revenge too, which is why she joined in with Logan.

Wolverine then asks Kwannon to show him how Wolfsbane died. And it was apparently a hook-up turned into a mutant hate crime.

With what he saw, Wolverine definitely wanted blood.

Logan hands over a bag with a bunch of melee weapons and asks his targets to fight back. Unfortunately for the recently revived mutant murder machine, forces of O.N.E. make an appearance with the intent of taking the two mutants down.

Man, this sucks. Also I was wondering why Wolfsbane didn’t fight back. She was a member of Wolverine’s X-Force team back post-Messiah Complex.

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