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The Origin of Professor Hulk or Smart Hulk

There have been several occassions where The Hulk mamaged to combine his smarts with his strength and the very first time was in Incredible Hulk # 377 by Peter David and Dale Keown.

In this issue we find Leonard Samson doing a session with the Hulk, Bruce Banner and Joe Fix-It aka the Gray Hulk. Things are not working out for the session as the two Hulk personas aren’t getting along well.

Samson wants to achieve several things. One is to help Banner with his MPD, straighten out his personas, find out the source of his trauma and if possible, get the personas to work together.

Through the psychoanalysis, the Hulks and Samson discover the abuse that Bruce Banner went through as a child at the hands of his father Brian Banner, who manifests himself as a monster that the Hulks cannot defeat.

There was one moment during Christmas that Banner gets harassed by his father who considers him as a mutant, a freak or a monster.

Another instance they revisit is the moment when Banner’s mother and the young Bruce tries to escape but is caught. Brian Banner kills Rebecca Banner in a fit of rage.

Samson and the Hulks try to get a reaction from Bruce but they are unsuccessful.

They also visit Fix-It’s past where it shows that he was pretty much born out of Banner’s horniness and libido.

Then they all come down the a graveyard where they confront the monster Brian Banner one last time with Bruce Banner slowly breaking down his stoicism.

The monster easily pummels the two Hulks but its up to Banner to really  take down his dad.

The manifestation of Rebecca Banner, after Brian Banner’s defeat, convinces the green and gray Hulk to work together for Bruce’s sake.

In the real world, Banner wakes up from his hypnosis-induced sleep and transforms. First as Green Hulk and then as Gray Hulk.

Outside, Betty Ross Banner cannot wait any longer so she decides to check on her husband and comes across the new Bruce Banner.

So there you go, the origin of Professor Hulk aka Smart Hulk. This started a long journey for Smart Hulk which then devolves back to regular Hulk and then just before the events of Secret War, he reverts to his Doc Green persona.

You can catch Hulk in Avengers Endgame where he’s played by Mark Ruffalo. Now playing in 2D, 3D and IMAX.

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