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Original Flash John Wesley Shipp returns as The Flash

Another surprise moment from the set of Elseworlds was revealed today that the OG Flash, John Wesley Shipp will be joining the combined cast of Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl.

Not only is he looking damn good with his old school suit, he’s also better looking as the Flash than this alternate universe Flash (Stephen Amell).

Amell looks like a bad fit with the Season 5 suit but hey, he rolls with it anyway.

The Arrow star even shared the two photos you see above for his social media followers.

Alas, still no Batgirl here. I’m starting to think that these episodes will merely introduce Ruby Rose as Batwoman rather than show her as a major player. Just like that episode of Arrow debuted Grant Gustin as Barry Allen and not as the Flash.

Elseworlds is set for release December 2018.

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