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Rapoo V280 Gaming Mouse Review

We got ourselves a cool looking gaming mouse with the V280. Here’s my Rapoo V280 Gaming mouse review.

If you want to play your games with a good quality gaming mouse at an affordable price, then we highly recommend the new Rapoo Gaming V280 gaming mouse.

Above you’ll see what comes out of the box.

What’s to like:

The Rapoo V280 Gaming mouse is follows the same form and function of other gaming mouse products available in the market today. It’s made of solid plastic with good amount of design given towards how it feels when being moved around. The answer, very smooth.

It’s obviously being marketed towards the gaming crowds and that was a good idea because it works. Unfortunately, if you’re a professional gamer or somebody hoping to go pro soon, this isn’t designed for you.

The gaming mouse is more akin to young professionals who just wants to enjoy an hour or two gaming either the latest games or some classic games.

And because this is 2019 and gaming isn’t just about performance but also aesthetics, Rapoo also added in some RGB lighting.

Credits: Rapoo



Moving on.

The texture sides of the V280 also makes it an appealing product to get especially for players who want things more interesting when they touch. Hey, whatever floats your boat. The textured sides does help in providing you with some grip especially helpful when you’re playing FPS games.

The top panel of the mouse is neatly designed with a rubberized mouse wheel that’s textured for gaming and other activities…

The mouse wheel does make a sound however which can be annoying from time to time. Just like that guy who eats Doritos noisily in a quiet room. It gives off that same vibe and imagery.


I’m surprised at how comfortable it is to grip this product. My fingers are perfectly placed on the important parts like the right and left button as well as the scroll while my palm isn’t so tense because it “rest” on the mouse’s bottom. The curve helps to make things easier to grip too so thank you designers from Rapoo.


Optics for the mouse goes anywhere between Ok to meh… Again, if you are a casual gamer, this would not mean much. However, if you are a professional gamer or someone who wants to go pro then you may have to make adjustments with this particular mouse and this particular brand.


Grip – 5

Design – 5

RGB – 4

Practicality -5

Extra Features – 4

Optics – 5

Price – 5

Rapoo V280 Gaming Mouse Review – Verdict


The price point for the V280 is something that I really speak highly about. At just Php1,245 you get a good mouse that works for casual gaming. Its easy and comfortable to use and slides rather easy along almost any surface. The lights are a great “condiment” to the gaming experience while at the same time not taking too much attention.

Special thanks to Rapoo for the review unit.


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