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Nope Review (Now Showing)

Here’s my Nope review which stars Daniel Kaluuya and Keke Palmer. Written and directed by Jordan Peele. Distributed locally by Universal Pictures Philippines!

VINNI’S REVIEW: Jordan Peele’s Nope marks the director’s deviation from his established brand of claustrophobic sociopolitical horror, but the film still packs slow burns and solid thrills thanks to a strong performance from the cast, kinetic cinematography from Hoyte Van Hoytema, and of course, Peele’s direction. If there is any gripe to be had with the film, it was that the dialogue can sometimes be hard to understand. Jordan Peele takes a new spin to what influenced him in making this film, such as the films of Steven Spielberg, 50’s UFO, and anime such as Akira and Neon Genesis Evangelion. All in all, Nope’s thrills is worth the price of a ticket admission. See it in IMAX if you can, 8/10!


Jordan Peele continues to flex his creative muscle by crafting this sci-fi horror hybrid starring Daniel Kaluuya and Keke Palmer.

The cinematography was gorgeous here in this film and there’s just a lot of gravitas in acting between the two leads. But there’s definitely more depth to Kaluuya’s acting in this one.

Peele managed to combine tension-filled moments with lighter ones in this picture while still staying in the path of the story he set out to tell.

Without spoiling much, its a monster movie doesn’t even bother to show us that much backstory for the creature which keeps the mystique behind it. Like I wanted to know more of where it came from, how it ended up there and what was it’s goal and what are the sibling’s goal moving forward.

I was initially weirded out by the opening scene which involves Steven Yeun’s character but it makes much, much more sense towards the end. But it will take little stretch and some heavy thinking before you understand what the tragic opening has in relation to the main narrative. But that’s what I like about Jordan Peele films. It takes a mundane and normal concept and throws it down the blender to give us something remarkable and dare I say it, a spectacle.

Plus the what I call “aftersales service” this movie delivers is just amazing. I found myself reading one interpretation after another for this film much like what I did with “Get Out”. Like there’s one post I read that focuses on the mystery creature they dubbed in the movie as “Jean Jacket” and why it did a very Evangelion-esque move towards the end of the film and its a “predatory” movie where creatures from the animal kingdom inflate itself to assert dominance.

There’s another that focuses on the main theme of disassociation and spectacle which nod in agreement with. The whole point of the siblings was to take a shot of Jean Jacket that they can sell to the media to earn some cash and get out of their current status quo. Steven Yuen’s Jupe is also doing the same thing earning some moolah for his traumatic experience in the TV show “Gordy’s Home”.

Speaking of anime, watch out for two important references anime fans can’t seem to stop talking about here namely Neon Genesis Evangelion…

And also the classic Akira slide…



Verdict: 9/10

Nope is now showing in theaters from Universal Pictures Philippines and also available on SM IMAX / SM Cinemas. Follow me on Twitter and Facebook for more movie news and reviews!

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