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War of the Realms # 1 Spoilers

The war begins with Malekith bringing his army to Midgard in this new event book from Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman. Here is War of the Realms # 1 spoilers.

In this issue, Malekith makes his move by sending Dark Elf assassins to assassinate Odin.

Odin dies in War of the Realms # 1

Meanwhile on Earth, Thor is also attacked by elves and gets transported to where Malekith is (thanks to Loki).

Malekith springs a trap for Thor and the god of Thunder falls for it.

Meanwhile on Earth the Dark Elves also attack the brownstone that houses the refugee Asgardians. Spider-Man helps of All Mother Lady Freyja who was also attacked.

Spider-Man and Lady Freyja team up

The war begins and we also meet some of the players who will have a role to play including Wolverine and Punisher.

Punisher was a badass here, even going one on one with a Frost Giant.

The Avengers also arrive and so do the Asgardians. But Malekith and his crew also show up including familiar faces like Ulik and Kurse and Dario Agger and Enchantress.

Laufey, the king of the Frost Giants, also attack Freyja and almost managed to kill her.

Good thing the real Loki was there to save her, even managed to fire a few quips along the way.

When confronted about why he helped out and more importantly why he should be trusted, Loki goes cryptic.

Few oanels later, his dad kills hin by eating him in a gruesome manner.

It also seems hopeless at this point because the forces from the other nine realms just keep pouring on, and the one person who can do some serious damage is trapped in another dimension killing Frost Giants.

Man, the art on this miniseries looks beautiful. Russel Dauterman needs further pushing from Marvel, but then again, no. The quality of his art may drop significantly.

Go and read the full story by picking up War of the Realms in your LCS. I, however, will be picking up the tradepaperback for this.

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