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Uncanny X-Men # 15 Spoilers

This week’s Uncanny X-Men continues to pile up layer and layer of drama and action. This is our Uncanny X-Men # 15 spoilers post. The book by the way was by Matthew Rosenberg and Salvador Larroca.

OK there’s a lot that happened in this week’s issue of Uncanny X-Men, so you better sit down because this’ll take a while.

Last issue ended with Captain America making an appearance in the X-Men’s current headquarters, Harry’s Tavern.

Captain America tells Cyclops not to trust anybody especially their current ally, Valerie Cooper, whom they met last issue. Captain America also gives them an Avengers card that they can use to communicate with him in case they need anything. The team shows their distrust to the boy scout though.

Meanwhile, Dark Beast has shown some interest in the current situation of former New Mutant members Dani Moonstar aka Mirage, Karma and Rahne Sinclair aka Wolfsbane. All of them have become the host of their friend Warlock.

The team mobilizes after they get a call from Reaper’s phone telling them of the next target for Hope Summers, Banshee and the rest of the Mutant Liberation Front or MLF.

While the rest of the team fight the other mutants, Cyclops has Magik teleport him to the location of Banshee and his “granddaughter” Hope Summers.

Hope shows her disdain for her grandfather and while she’s distracted, Wolverine teleports behind her with the intention of stopping her from assassinating this politician with anti-mutant agendas (as seen in Uncanny X-Men # 12 and the annual.

Hope fires the gun and she ends up shooting Cyclops in the head.

Wolverine tries to stop Home after Cyclops went down but he gets taken down thanks to Hope borrowing Cyclops’ optic blast powers.

She then takes the shot and we never know how that ended.

Wolverine recovers and skewers Hope with his claws.

Before he can actually kill her, Cyclops gets up and stops Logan from killing her.

Six days later, Cyclops finally awakens from his injuries and its been revealed that he lost his eye in that encounter with Hope and it took Dark Beast awhile to save him from death.

This also puts a new spin on Cyclops…

There’s a brewing subplot about Dark Beast and what he could have done to Scott as he’s showing signs of arrogance.

It’s also revealed that Dark Beast experimented on the New Mutants and they are finally free from the Transmode virus that had affected them.

And even better is they found a suitable host for Warlock and its a shock too…

Yep, Dark Beast just put Warlock in one of Jamie Madrox’s dupes. But it looks like he’s not happy with where he is at the moment.

Pretty interesting stuff. Go get this week’s Uncanny X-Men in your LCS, we prefer getting our stuff from Comic Odyssey!

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