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Marvel Legends Hellfire Club Collection

Here’s a quick look at the upcoming Marvel Legends Hellfire Club collection from Hasbro which is slated for release Fall 2020.

The classic X-Men villains have been teased for awhile now and they come in a fancy packaging that’s fit for the inner circle of the Hellfire Club.

This wave comes with four figures namely:

  • Emma Frost
  • Sebastian Shaw
  • Donald Pierce
  • Jean Grey / Selene

Check out the official photos for the Marvel Legends Hellfire Club Collection in the gallery below:

Honestly speaking, the only big reason to get this is if you want another version of Jean Grey and Emma Frost in your toy shelf. Donald Pierce wasn’t really a big deal and Sebastian Shaw may be a cool and complex character in the books but he doesn’t really look cool.

The accessories here are also awesome with that portrait coming along with the collection as well as that Dominatrix gear for Jean Grey with an alternate head for Sage or Selene.

This boxset/collection will be available, as mentioned above, by Fall of 2020 and will retail for $79.99. You can get them from Hasbro’s official website.

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