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Why Cyclops and Wolverine’s New X-Men Team Went Retro (Uncanny X-Men # 13)

This week’s Uncanny X-Men # 13 gave readers not just a cool moment between the newly formed X-Men led by Cyclops and Wolverine, it also gave us an understanding why these mutants are wearing their old costumes rather than their new ones.

So if you havent caught up with the happenings in the book, Cyclops has returned to the land of the living thanks to his son Cable and his plan to revive him. He then wanders around the world as the X-Men were seemingly killed in that fight they had with Nate Grey aka X-Man. Believing mutants to be dead and extinct, Cyclops begins to show up in public which catches the attention of several mutant-hating groups. This all leads to a reunion with recently returned Wolverine in the ruins of the X-Men’s school in Central Park.

The two rescue other mutants from the ONE prison camp including characters like Havok, Magik, Karma, Dani Moonstone and more. They end up regrouping in Harry’s Hideaway, a common place for the X-Men to have a few beers from time to time. During a meeting between the surviving mutants, they plan on dealing with threats including people like Dark Beast. The problem arises though because they don’t have a base, or money or uniforms. Cyclops then reveals that he took costumes from the ruins of the X-Mansion before they were discovered.

uncanny x-men 13 spoilers

The next thing we see is the team being transported by Magik to an underground lab they believe to have Dark Beast and his clones as well as any kind of twisted experiments he had done on mutants.

Uncanny X-Men # 13 is out now and is written by Matthew Rosenberg with art by Salvador Larroca.

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