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Absolute Power # 1 official cover by Dan Mora

Here’s a look at the upcoming Absolute Power # 1 cover which was done by artist Dan Mora.

Here’s what Dan Mora posted on his X account…

Absolute Power is coming this summer and will unite the “Trinity of Evil” working together with Suicide Squad’s Amanda Waller who plans on getting rid of the metahumans or at the very least take their powers and give them to people who are willing to work with “The Wall”.

About Absolute Power

Absolute Power #1 (of 4)
The combined powers of Failsafe and the Brainiac Queen have finally given Amanda Waller the ability to capture the powers of every metahuman, whether Super Hero or Super-Villain, on Earth. As chaos erupts in the streets and a massive disinformation campaign sways public opinion, the Suicide Squad commander methodically targets DC’s most powerful Super Heroes and their allies. But despite all that’s facing Superman, Wonder Woman, and other DC metahumans, a resistance is forming, with Batman leading the charge. Mark Waid and Dan Mora are the team behind this must-have debut issue, with a main and variant cover by Mora and additional variant covers by Jim Lee, Stephen Bliss, Puppeteer Lee, Chris Samnee, Chrissie Zullo, Wes Craig, and John Timms. July 3

Absolute Power Free Comic Book Day Special Edition

A 32-page one-shot featuring an original 12-page story by writer Mark Waid and artist Mikel Janín, plus a recap of some of the important events leading into Absolute Power, as well as a preview of Absolute Power #1. Available for free in participating comic shops on Saturday, May 4.


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