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Here’s our hot take on the ASUS TUF Gaming FX705 which is now available from ASUS stores nationwide.



Right off the bat, I love the simplicity for this laptop. It says “Asus” and then it has those weird lines at the corners. Feels like those comic book balloons where they do exclamation points to really hammer the point. No fancy lighting, no fuss no frills. This is why I love the TUF line of laptops like the FX504

The 705 looks tought but there are a lot of laptop’s that look tough but aren’t tough enough . In this case however, it really is. Both the FX505 and the FX705 have passed U.S. Military grade tests. This means even if there’s a drop, there’s a high probability that it won’t damage anything. The operating word is “high probability”.

Because of the weight of the laptop, you also lessen the risk of it suddenly falling off. It would take a little effort to be able to that. Of course the drawback is that its a little heavier than other laptops. But that’s justifiable with all the neat features it has.

The TUF Gaming 705G also comes with this nifty thing called the HyperCool Thermal Technology. It’s what ASUS refers to as an “Anti-Dust Cooling (ADC), Fan OverBoost technology, and dual-fan cooling CPU and GPU from both sides keep the laptop cool at all times.” and it looks like this.

That is a gaming laptop’s version of jet boosters if you think of it that way. Here’s a closer look on the left side…

To get this revved up and let the product go on full “beast mode” you just have to press the F5 button and hear everything whirr. You’ll have three modes to choose from but ideally, you can go for the middle boost. That worked for me especially while playing games like Apex Legends.


The FX705 also features a sexy ultra-sim 7.18mm NanoEdge display complete with 144Hz refresh rate for smoother graphics. You’ll never see HD the same way again on your regular gaming laptop when using this.


There’s an exact science with the keyboards for this laptop. ASUS calles it the “HyperStrike Gaming Keyboard” and it follows the now-standard WASD keys, which have been colored differently for easier recognition. I found this so convenient especially if you’re doing gaming using the keyboard or when working.

tuf gaming fx705g keyboard

As expected from the current generation of gaming laptops, there’s RGB in the keyboard. This one can be customized in a number of ways or you can leave it as is. They do come in handy when playing games in low-light situations.

Just like other ASUS gaming laptops and ROG laptops as well, you can customize the lights that appear on your keyboard. The up and down buttons can double as brightness controls for the laptop. If you want to be really meticulous about the lights on your board, you can head on over to settings and customize via the Aura controls.


Did not have time to actually open up the laptop but if you must know, the TUF Gaming FX705G also comes packed with 8th generation Intel Core i7 processors. What this does is make everything fast. Even if I have the god-awful Google Chrome on while streaming using XSplit and playing a big game like Apex Legends, the unit did not falter. My Internet did…


… but again, the actual laptop worked well.


BaseMark Web 3.0


WiFi is also faster here thanks to the Wi-Fi 802.11ac Wave2. You get wider coverage with the 2T2R MU-MIMO 802.11ac Wi-Fi that rockets up to 1.7Gbps.


Thanks to the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 GPU onboard, gaming has never been more fun. We had a limited run with this laptop so I wasn’t able to fully test it with other games. Again, APEX LEGENDS works fine here…

You won’t have a problem with older generation games like Assassin’s Creed II and Final Fantasy VIII (which is a steal by the way on Steam).


It wouldn’t be a good gaming experience if you don’t have good audio. That takes away half the fun.

Luckily for buyers and would-be-buyers, the TUF Gaming FX705 and FX505 both features DTS Headphone:X; a 7.1 channel virtual surround sound that gets you into the groove. So whether you’re blasting your favorite tracks on Spotify while working or playing or watching some seriously good YouTube videos, you can depend to get satisfying audio either while on headphones or using the built-in speakers.


From an experiential standpoint, I have accepted that gaming laptops don’t last long unplugged. That’s the biggest drawback to date and that’s totally OK for me. The 705 was tested with Wi-Fi turned off and using the “Power Balance” mode with a display brightness of 50% and it gets to around 202 minutes of juice.

Last Thoughts on the ASUS TUF Gaming FX705

ASUS has a clear winner with the FX705. Its definitely a class of its own with a good amount of firepower and workmanship. It’s a good recommendation for casual and light gamers. I highly recommend this and with the price of PHP81,995, its a good buy.

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