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Marvel Minimates Series 78 X-Factor Wave featuring Strong Guy BAF

Diamond Select Toys has revealed Marvel Minimates series 78 X-Factor which was revealed in an exhibit for Toy Fair 2019.

Its an exciting lineup of 90s and late 80s members of X-Factor. They have two packs that’s dedicated specifically to the Government sponsored 90s team led by Havok. This set will also feature Polaris, Wolfsbane and Multiple Man aka Jamie Madrox. There’s another two pairs that will be part of the Marvel Minimates series 78 wave.

The late 80s iteration of X-Factor will also be present in the Marvel Minimates series 78 wave and will consist of:

  • Cyclops
  • Beast
  • Jean Grey
  • Archangel

Lastly, the four boxes will yield a specific figure you can build (which is a new gimmick for the minimates line) and for series 78, it would be Strong Guy.

As mentioned in the photo, Marvel Minimates series 78 will be available in stores Summer of 2019.


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