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Avengers Endgame Funko Pop Reveals Tony Stark in Quantum Suit

Here’s a look at the upcoming and very exclusive Avengers Endgame Funko Pop which will be released around the same time as the movie.

Avengers Endgame funko pop tomy stark

The Tony Stark figure is a glow in the dark variant. What we’re seeing above in the Avengers Endgame Funko Pop of Tony Stark looks normal but it does give fanboys and fangirls a closer look at the quantum suits that they will be using to enact their plan against the Mad Titan, Thanos.

You can also notice in this suit that they have those weird looking chronometers/ watches which once again strengthens the theory that the Avengers will be doing a bit of Time Travel to make things right after the devastating events of Avengers Infinity War.

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