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Here’s a look at the Final Fantasy VII Remake menu screen

Square Enix continues to hype up Final Fantasy VII remake with this look at the Final Fantasy VII remake menu screen.

Its a hugggggggge difference from the traditional menu screen from the original Final Fantasy VII game which was released a decade or so ago. Firstly, gone are the days of just the character’s portrait. Now we’re looking at a mid-range shot of the character with the character level in the bottom; below that is the character’s HP and MP (in JRPG tradition).

In the Final Fantasy VII menu screen we’re seeing above, we also get to see the first party that’s assembled in the game with protagonist Cloud Strife and Barrett.

Check out the newest trailer for Final Fantasy VII remake from TGS 2019!


And here’s a special gameplay footage also from TGS 2019:

Final Fantasy VII remake is scheduled for release 2020 and is an exclusive for the Playstation 4.

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