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LEGO Avengers Endgame Spoils Massive Set Pieces

Two new LEGO Avengers Endgame sets have popped up online and based on the track record they have for set pieces dating back as far as Iron Man 3, this may actually be real.

The source for the information we will be talking about is none other the Amazon France which posted the usual for the sets namely the photo, the LEGO number, the price and some bit of product description.

War Machine Buster

War Machine Buster seems like a big block bloke. It would feature both War Machine and Ant-Man in their Quantum Realm suits plus two Outrider minifigs.

Question 1: why are there still outriders? None of the Black Order survived the Battle of Wakanda and Thor made sure that no Outrider ship escaped the battlefield.

Question 2: is this a time travel thing? Did these two go back to the Battle of Wakanda and stop Thanos from getting Vision’s mind stone?

Ultimate Quinjet

This LEGO Avengers Endgame set features 800 plus pieces and six mini figures namely Thor, Black Widow, Ronin and Rocket. The bad guys will have two Chitauri minifigures.

Question 4: why are they battling Chitauri?

Anyway, LEGO hasn’t failed when it comes to spoiling Marvel Studios movies. They were spot on with Hulkbuster 2 last year right. I’m definitely excited for both the film and the LEGO War Machine Buster that will definitely be an instant Preorder.

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