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The Dante Gulapa Funko Pop is the Gulapanatics Holy Grail

Dante Gulapa has become 2019’s first internet hero and he’s generated a lot of buzz on social media. You name it he probably has it. Fan art, memes, covers and I wouldn’t be surprised if there were lewd content out there involving him. What he doesn’t have is a Dante Gulapa Funko Pop figure. Well the Internet just went “say no more fam”.

Check out the hi-res version below, which was posted BTW by Facebook user Ken Ernie:

dante gulapa funko

And here’s the embedded post of the Dante Gulapa Funko Pop from Facebook.

Sadly, the Dante Gulapa Funko is just a joke and a fanmade product. If you are looking for a specific Funko Pop you can check out Big Boys Toy Store

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