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Hasbro Reveals New Marvel Legends Figures including 90s Beast and Citizen V

New Marvel Legends figures have been revealed and it looks to complete the 90s X-Men line with a new and improved Beast.

First we have a look at Hank McCoy aka The Beast. This version was the more popular version of the character who was also one of the original members of the X-Men.

This Beast figure definitely looks like they have upped their game. You can see all the good spots of articulation but the thigh section kinda looks contorted and twisted in all the wrong ways. Still, the quality of this figure looks great.

There’s also Thunderbolts leader Citizen V who in reality is actually the second Baron Zemo in disguise. The dude reformatted the Masters of Evil as the Thunderbolts but later droppes the act.

The last Marvel Legends figure is Union Jack. The UK based vigilante who has teamed up with Captain America and the rest of the Invaders during World War 2.

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