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X-Men Disassembled Part 10 – the X-Men Actually Disassemble…

So when you say X-Men Disassemble, I was assuming that they would go their separate ways after the fight with X-Man. But part 10 of X-Men Disassembled in Uncanny X-Men # 10 had a different opinion on the matter.

In this issue we see the combined forces of most of the X-Men battling Nate Grey. Highlights if this fight include Storm being released from Nate’s control and the psychics managing to separate Nate from Legion, who merged into a single being in issue 8.

There’s also X-Man versus Cannonball which did not end well for Sam Guthrie…

They also free the three remaining horsemen of Salvation namely Magneto, Omega Red and Blob. They too join the fight against X-Man.

Before the final page of the issue, Jean Grey gets sucked into Nate’s mind and they talk a bit about what is happening. And just like in House of M, Nate figures out that the world will be better if the X-Men disappear.

And he does just that.

After “molecularly disassembling” the X-Men, Nate Grey collapses and its unknown whether or not he’s dead.

Up next for the X-Men, the return of Cyclops…

… and the slow formation of the new X-Men team led by Cyclops and Wolverine.

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