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Clint Barton Becomes Ronin (New Avengers 27 to 31)

MCU Clint Barton will become Ronin for Avengers Endgame and while we still don’t have any idea why he ditched the Hawkeye persona, we can go and take a look at the comics version of Hawkeye.

Barton as Ronin had a rather long run as Ronin but we’ll be focusing specifically on his first run as Ronin in New Avengers # 27 to 31 by Brian Michael Bendis and Leinil Francis Yu.

First we have to meet the first and original Ronin, Maya Lopez, a former enemy of Daredevil who became Captain America’s agent in Japan. She reports to Cap regularly and lost contact with during Civil War.

When we catch up with her she was dealing with the Hand and Elektra until she ultimately gets killed by Elektra.

She gets revived and is thrown in ninja jail.

Back in the US, the Avengers splinter with the New Avengers forming with Luke Cage as leader. Iron Man creates his own Avengers dubbed the Mighty Avengers with Miss Marvel as field leader.

Now this was around the time where the SHRA is in full effect and they apprehend costumed heroes who are not registered.

Danny Rand aka Iron Fist goes on adventures with Cage’s Avengers and was just done with a meeting with Iron Man when a mysterious package is sent to him. He meets up with his Avengers team and shows them Maya’s letter.

The team encounters a disheveled Clint Barton in Doctor Strange’s Sanctum knocking on his door.

The team isn’t too trusting with Barton despite his story and his return from meeting the Scarlet Witch, who at this point is also secretly living in Wundagore after she disassembled the Avengers in Avengers Disassembled.

To quash any concerns that everybody in the team has honest intentions including Barton, Doctor Strange casts a spell that shows the truth.

With eveybody proving who they say they are (heh), they next plan on going to Japan to check on Echo.

But since the mission is a costumes-only event, Barton is left no choice but to wear the Ronin costume and assume the role for the meantime while he’s not ready to become Hawkeye once more.

So the team goes on Japan, fight Elektra and a bunch of ninjas and discover a shocking secret…

But thats for another story all together. Maybe lets discuss before Captain Marvel yes? For now expect to see Barton as Ronin in Avengers Endgame coming out later this year.

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