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Poundit.com Celebrates Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales, Introduces Mystery Box Promo

Poundit.com is getting ready to dish out some great deals just in time for the classic Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale starting  November 23 all the way to November 26. And its not just a regular sale, its a massive sale with items getting as much as 60% off!

What’s more is that they are also starting to hype things up wit a mystery box promo coming very soon!

The Poundit.com mystery box promo will allow everybody to buy mystery boxes in various price ranges. You can order a mystery box worth Php1000, Php3000 and Php5000. If you want to go for bigger surprises, you can also avail of the Php10k, Php20k and Php50k boxes.
To learn more about these promos, go visit Poundit.com and follow them on their official Facebook page by click on LIKE .

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