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1TB PS4 model among several PS4 models to be discontinued by Sony

It looks like a handful of Playstation 4 models are officially being discontinued by Sony including the classic 1TB PS4 model.

Gematsu did a story based on an account by a Japanese retailer about how there are some Playstation 4 models being discontinued and production ending soon or already ended. Here are the models that have stopped production already:

  • Glacier White PS4
  • 1TB PS4 model
  • Glacier White 1TB PS4 model
  • 2TB PS4 model
  • Glacier White PS4 Pro model

Here’s the original tweet that broke the news:

The writings were already in the wall as early as December when the official Playstation Direct Store already indicated that there would be no restocking of the PS4 Pro model anytime in the future. That shouldn’t be a surprise to players though as Sony wants people to jump aboard the Playstation 5 train already and producing more Playstation 4 models would be counterproductive for the company.

One problem though with their current strategy is that its been a bitch to get a Playstation 5 these days. In the Philippines alone, there’s no actual word when the new stocks would be hitting stores other than its going to be within “Quarter 1 of 2021”.  There were rumors and hearsay here and there but nothing solid. Best we should do is wait for more announcements from stores like DataBlitz.

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