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Singapore Hosts The PVP Esports Championship Grand Finals

Arena of Valor (AOV) and Defense of the Ancient 2 (Dota 2), two of the most popular esport titles for both mobile and PC, announced for Asia the PVP Esports Championship, a large-scale tournament with a prize pool of US$ 300,000. The event is the result of the collaboration of Singtel, Razer, Blizzard.

Garena and MET Events.

The tournament itself is being run by MET, the most trusted esports events organizer in Asia. Alongside major partner Singtel, the largest telecommunications company in Singapore, the PVP Esports Championship will pit aspiring and professional games across Asia against each other culminating in a grand finals to be held in the Suntec Convention Center in Singapore.
Below are the dates of each participating country’s National Qualifier finals.

AOV National Qualifier

Malaysia : 18 Aug – 2 Sept 2018
Singapore : 26 Aug – 16 Sept 2018
India : 24 – 26 Aug 2018
Thailand : 18 Aug – 13 Sept 2018
Philippines : 18 – 25 Aug 2018
Dota 2 National Qualifier
Singapore : 21 Jul – 23 Sept 2018
India : 18 – 19 Aug 2018
Thailand : 27 Aug – 6 Sept 2018
Philippines : 21 Jul – 16 Sept 2018
Australia : 2 – 8 Sept 2018

Three professional teams for each game will also be invited to participate in the grand finals, upping the stakes and ensuring that the level of competition in the tournament is of the highest quality. For Dota 2, two invites has already been confirmed: Chinese team PSG.LGD, which won 2nd place in the recently-concluded worldwide Dota 2 tournament, The International and the widely popular Team Secret who placed 5th-6th in the recently concluded The International 8.
The winner of each qualifier will move on to the main event in Singapore to represent their
countries on a stage fit for international contenders.

Grand Finals

Suntec Convention Centre, Singapore : 5 – 7 Oct 2018, 10AM – 11PM
The PVP Esports Championship is set to be one of the biggest esports spectacles ever hosted
in Singapore. Malaysian and Singaporean fans will get to experience the hype of a premier
esports events, and see both top-tier amateur players and professional gamers duke it out live
at the Suntec Convention Centre.

At the main event, attendees who purchase the VIP Ticket will also get a goodie bag with
exclusive premium PVP Esports merchandise which includes hoodie, t-shirt and lanyards,
Razer L33T merchandise, Dota 2 collectibles, AOV in-game rare skins and Hearthstone card

Ticket Prices
Value : SGD40
Regular: SGD10
Purchase tickets online here: LINK

For more information and updates, like and follow the official PVP Esports website
http://pvpesports.gg/ and PVP facebook Page , https://www.facebook.com/pvpesportsgg/
Powered By : Singtel , Razer
Partners Operators : Airtel , AIS , Globe , OPTUS ,Telkomsel
Held In : Passion Made Possible
Supported By : Singapore Tourism Board
Official Media Partner : SPH
About MET
The MET has been the pioneer in producing premier events across South East Asia since 2010.
We are the leading esports events team in South East Asia with four (4) groups based in
Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines. With more than 8 years of events experience,
the MET has organized tournaments and stadium-filling events for Dota 2, League of Legends,
CSGO, Fifa 16, Hearthstone, F1 Racing and many more. For more information, visit

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