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Jean Grey Uses Luke Skywalker’s Same Tactics in “The Last Jedi” (X-Men: Red # 9)

This week’s X-Men: Red # 9 not only demonstrates how powerful Jean Grey is as a character and as a mutant but also takes a leaf right out of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, particularly that scene between Luke Skywalker and his wayward nephew Kylo Ren.

Context: Luke Skywalker goes one on one with Kylo Ren only to reveal that he’s not actually there. He’s just fighting as a force projection light years away.

So anyway, in X-Men: Red # 9, Jean Grey goes head-to-head with Cassandra Nova, who had taken Jean’s “daughter”, Rachel Grey as hostage. So Jean ditches her team and flies off to Genosha and fights her daughter for a bit before she surrenders to Cassandra Nova in exchange for Rachel.

Jean rescues Rachel Grey

With only the two of them left, Jean tries to reach out to Cassandra Nova through her heart. Jean shows her altruism and genuine good nature to de-escalate the situation. Nova responds by blowing up Jean.

And here’s where the Star Wars moment makes an appearance.

Sure that she had killed Jean Grey, Cassandra Nova calls her enemy an “idiot”. That’s when Jean Grey reveals that she’s still alive.

Jean reappears a lot bigger and calls down the final battle in their private war.

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