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The Origin of Trinary

We take a look at the newest member of Jean Grey’s X-Men team Trinary from X-Men Red # 2. Here’s the Origin of Trinary.

So we start the issue in an undisclosed location in India where a young woman is being detained…

This is Trinary and this is the (partial) origin of Trinary. This will at least let us know how she came into contact with Jean Grey’s team.

Her father reports her powers and she’s detained. The government wants her for her mutant powers and to pin her for a crime that is later revealed in X-Men Red # 2.

It turns out that before she was arrested for her “crimes”, Trinary got in touch with Jean Grey and her team who is currently seeking political asylum in Wakanda after the events that occurred in X-Men Red # 1.

That was a pretty interesting power for this technopath.

We’ll continue more of the coverage for X-Men Red # 2 by Tom Taylor and Mahmud Asrar.

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