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Raven and Kid Flash Hook Up

Raven and Kid Flash hook up in a recent issue of Teen Titans. We’re actually taking a look at the kiss that happened between the pair in Teen Titans # 19.


So in the midst of the battle with the mind controlled people of the NevrLand program which locked in Beast Boy a few issues ago, the rest of the Titans get separated with Robin. So while Robin is in the sky taking out the enemy as well as neutralizing Beast Boy, the rest of the Teen Titans have to find away to control the brainswashed kids looking to tear them apart.

The idea dawns on them but they are having doubts, especially Kid Flash, if they can actually pull it off. And before he does so, they share a passionate kiss.

So what happens after?

Well, sadly, this team of Teen Titans gets dissolved after they get taken down by Brainiac and the “No Justice” saga begins.

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