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More Photos from The Joker with Joaquin Phoenix in Full Joker Costume

The transformation is complete with these new photos from the set of Todd Philip’s Joker movie.






Academy Award winner Joaquin Phoenix will play the Joker and his normal alter ego named Arthur Fleck.

We have to say he definitely made sure he looks the part.

The site has been constantly monitoring the production of this film ever since it was announced.

There was that promotional public appearance where he sorta looked like The Joker.

Then there was that BTS where he’s still playing Arthur Fleck and had an encounter with a big clown.

And now we have the photos of him in makeup and in costume which was very much a nod to the Cesar Romero Batman 68 and a bit of Heath Ledger Joker in this look.

The untitled Joker origin movie is directed by Todd Philips and also stars Deadpool 2’s Zazie Beetz. To be distributed locally by Warner Bros. Pictures Philippines.

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