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Marvel Now Teasers featuring Black Panther and Ms. Marvel

Today we feature the second set of teasers Marvel Comics has released for the upcoming Marvel Now launch featuring Black Panther and Ms. Marvel!


For this set we have Black Panther and The Prowler. Black Panther currently appears in “The Ultimates” together with the 616’s most powerful beings including Blue Marvel and even Galactus. ¬†Prowler on the other hand is a mainstay in Dan Slott’s Amazing Spider-Man book where he acts as Peter Parker’s friend, bodyguard and enforcer. He even doubles as Spider-Man from time to time.


The new Miss Marvel aka Kamala Khan also gets featured with the new character Riri who made her own armor in the pages of Invincible Iron Man. Kamala is one of the younger generations of heroes who have joined Tony Stark in All New All Different Avengers for the new Marvel Universe post Secret Wars. Meanwhile the aforementioned Riri is rumored to become the new War Machine in the wake of Rhodey’s death in the early parts of Civil War II.

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