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Beta Ray Bill Returns in Thor # 2!

Spoilers from Thor # 2 by Donny Cates and Nic Klein, and today we look at the return of Beta Ray Bill!

Ok so what happens in this issue is that Galactus and his new herald, Thor find the first planet hidden away by the Black Silver Surfer years ago. The goal of their search is to power up Galactus to the point where he can fight back against this new threat called the “Black Winter”. Thor manages to save all the inhabitants of the planet and let Galactus feed on the planet. The lord of Asgard thought that Galactus would spare the planet but is angered when he finds out that the Big G blew up the planet. This results in a fight between the two which lasts for a few pages.

They are interrupted by the sudden appearance of this familiar and fan favorite character from the Thor mythos…

Also I totally love Thor # 2 for that not-so-subtle cameo of the Justice League! Go check that out as well.

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