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Why Wolverine Wears Yellow and Blue Spandex – Return of Wolverine # 1

Return of Wolverine # 1 ships this week and we take it slow in dissecting the book written by Charles Soule and drawn by Steve McNiven. In this post, we take a look at why Wolverine wears yellow and blue spandex back when he was still a superhero and not an amnesiac.

So in this issue, Logan gets to a camp thats been set fire and ravaged by the agents of Soteira. He’s too late to save people but manages to get to a sole survivor, a mother whose son was taken away by the same agents.

She takes Wolverine to a store room where she gives him something to wear because his old suit got shot to bits.

She has three stories to tell the amnesiac Wolverine and her first story is why Wolverine wears yellow and blue spandex.

So in a nutshell, Wolverine wears the yellow and blue spandex because as a hero, he wants to take the enemies’ attention away from the people he’s trying to save.

We’ll be featuring more of Return of Wolverine in the coming days.

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