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The Nun Review

Here’s my review for the film The Nun which stars Taissa Farmiga, Demian Bechir and Jonas Bloquet. Its directed by Corin Hardy.

The demon Valak who tormented the Warrens in The Conjuring 2 gets his/her own movie and its definitely quite a scary treat.

The film is set in the distant past where the demon makes her presence felt in the form of an evil nun who terrorize a convent in Romania and the Vatican sends over a a troubled priest named Father Burke and a young novitiate named Sister Irene (Farmiga) to investigate.

There’s a number of reasons why The Nun was such a fun horror movie and reinvigorates the Conjuring shared universe.

The jump scares come in waves and if you got spooked by that awesome moment in the trailer then you’ll be happy to know that Hardy and James Wan has more where that came from. From surprising moments of terror inside and even outside that imposing convent, viewers will be treated to a scare-fiesta.

The mood in the film was what definitely helped shaped this film into what it is, an above average horror movie. Gotta hand it to great cinematography and chilling sound and set design for making “The Nun” such a treat to watch.

I also have to note the color gradients they used for the movie. It looks old-world-y and yet we’re seeing a demonic nun terrorizing people and it looks normal. Hat tip for doing that.

I’m not took keen on the story of Valak. It’s an origin that feels contrived. I liked how it was executed on screen but to me, it felt lacking. They could have fleshed that bit more or at least made it more logical than what we had in the film.

The Nun Review – Verdict


It’s still a fun movie. I did enjoy the scares and thrills but I found it lacking where other “Conjuring” movies succeeded. I like how they neatly tied this to “The Conjuring 2”. I would say that Annabelle creation would be a better movie that The Nun.

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